Many hard-working, well-meaning people intend to obtain a will or develop an estate plan to protect their financial legacy, but they simply never get around to it. 

If you have thought about obtaining a will or estate plan, our encouragement to you is simply to get it done. The process of obtaining a will, advanced directive, power of attorney, trust, or estate plan is probably simpler and more cost-effective than you think, and this simple step can save you and your family an immense amount of time, money and difficulty.

Also, when an individual passes away, the law often requires the opening of a formal estate to properly administer property, other assets, and specific gifts to heirs. This can be a complicated process that that comes with numerous legal requirements, emotions and difficulty. We stand ready to assist with estate administrations in both Indiana and Kentucky.

If you need an an estate plan that addresses end-of-life concerns and ensures that your hard-earned money makes a difference for your family and community, please let us know!

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